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CommonKADS Methodology

Reference cards of the CommonKADS methodology - development of Knowledge-Based Systems.

Subject Download
Concept, Context, Communication Model - where goes what? download


Automated Reasoning

Papers of Technical Artificial Intelligence.

Subject Download
Patterns of Hard Sudokus (Kris Oosting 2011).
Keywords: Sudoku, SAT, CNF, Pattern, Automated Reasoning.
Implementing a CSP Solver for Sudoku (Bittner, Oosting 2011).
Keywords: Sudoku, CSP, constraint propagation.
Description Logic - the LoTREC Experience (Oosting 2011).
Keywords: Description Logic, Tableau, Reasoning, LoTREC.



Software Metrics Archive

Software Metrics, Process Measurement and Process Improvement related articles.

Although some articles were written (some) years ago, they can still be applicable.

Subject Download
OMT Metrics. download
Experiences with Object Interaction Graphs. download
Analysis in the Real World - part I. download
Analysis in the Real World - part II.
Time Metrics - do we have the time? - part I.
Time Metrics - do we have the time? - part II.
Problem? What problem?
Process Metrics - In the Name of the Process. download
The Collective - resistance is futile. Extensions of Object Interaction Graphs.
Decision Support Metrics.
Method Metrics - Does the Fusion Method works? download
Estimating with System Operations. download

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